About Julia

I am passionate about caring for babies and children in a gentle, loving,  relaxed way, and helping women during their transition to motherhood by  providing emotional and physical support during pregnancy, birth, and  parenting. My journey to this work began when I first learned about  attachment parenting and natural parenting from my own parents. My  mom had a natural, amazing birth with me and my dad was there to catch  me, I was constantly carried in a sling, and I breastfed until I was 2 ½  years-old. I developed a close, loving relationship with my parents.

I was always in awe of babies and felt attuned to them. I was eager to  follow that feeling so at university, I did my degree Child Psychology and I  studied the benefits of attachment parenting, continuum parenting, and natural parenting on babies’ and parents’ emotional well-being. I also studied Steiner Waldorf early childhood education.

Now, I have 6 years of experience caring for babies and young children using the ways of attachment parenting. I have worked in Steiner Waldorf parent-child playgroups, home daycare, nurseries, and kindergartens.  I have worked as a nanny for families, caring for babies and young children aged newborn – 6-years-old.

I provide childcare and family support to families in their own homes. I continue to develop and cultivate my interests in pregnancy, birth, and parenting, and I am currently training to become a Doula with Birth Arts International.